Reviving a centuries-old minting tradition.

In Pressburg Mint, we believe in creating an amalgamation of art, financial value and wisdom utilising the unique language of precious metals.

We strive to bring innovative and thoughtful ideas and designs for our precious metal products and keep looking into the future in terms of technology.

The when and how:

Bratislava (formerly Pressburg) and the surrounding area has a rich minting history as it has been the financial centre of the region since the times of ancient Celtic tribes up until the 18th century.

50 B.C. / Ancient celtic coins
Celtic tribes start minting famous BIATEC and other coins in the general area of what is Bratislava today.
997 - 1430 A.D. / The beginnings
First mints in Pressburg are established and used by the Austro-Hungarian empire (Arpád line)
1430 / Pressburg is awarded official minting rights
Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor awards Pressburg official minting rights and the area becomes the financial centre of the Austro-Hungarian empire for centuries to come
18th Century / The end of an era
The minting industry in Pressburg slowly fades until the last mint is closed indefinitely.
2015 / Minting history revived
The minting tradition of Bratislava is restored by establishing the privately owned Pressburg Mint.
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Innovative Designs

Creating unique designs for our products is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy. Transcending the traditional medium of precious metals with a modern approach to design, we always strive to bring something unique to the market.

High-Quality Materials and Production

All of our products use 9999 / 10000 purity gold and silver. Only LBMA-certified sources are utilised and the nominal average weight of a 1oz product is 31.31g, so that we ensure you receive the purest material available in the correct weight.

Our mint is ISO certified, ensuring the best standards in production methods and overall quality of the final products.

3D Metal Printing

We are pioneering the 3D metal printing technology for the precious metals market, enabling us to bring and exciting new era for precious metals products, where we are able to create crazy contortions, ultra-high relief coins and much more! World's first 3D printed silver coin coming in Q1 2023!

Laser Technology

The designs we create wouldn't be possible without the latest innovations in laser technology. We are working with research universities and laser machining specialists to find new practical uses of laser technology for the minting industry.

Stunning coins await.

Explore our product range of coins, coinbars and 3D printed coins with unique designs.

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Pressburg Mint will attend

The Currency Fair

19 - 21 April
Grand Sheraton Hotel, Dubai

We are excited to announce we will be exhibiting at The Currency Fair in Dubai! Come and see the newest international up-and-coming bullion coin, the Maltese Cross 2024. See you there!

AI COIN 2023

World's First Silver Coin Designed by AI

Pressburg Mint is releasing the world’s first silver coin designed by artificial intelligence, a ground-breaking product that combines the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with the cutting-edge power of artificial intelligence. The original drawing has been generated by an AI and represents the AI’s idea of what a silver coin should look like.