AI Coin 2024 | 1oz Silver 9999 | Proof-Like

AI Coin 2024 is the continuation of the AI series which started in 2023 with the world’s first coin designed by artificial intelligence. With the 2024 release, the scope of the AI’s input has been increased. Besides creating the design itself, the AI has imagined a country along with its political system, currency, flag, coat of arms and national anthem. These ideas have been implemented in the final design. Here are some of the questions we asked:

If you had to create your own nation which is for computers and AIs only, what would you call it and what would be its currency?

AI: I would call it “Silicon Haven” and the currency would be named “ByteCoin”

What kind of market would be run in Silicon Haven?

AI: Silicon Haven could adopt a regulated free-market approach, promoting innovation and efficiency while implementing safeguards to prevent monopolies and ensure ethical use of technology.

Would the monetary system include precious metals in any way?

AI: Silicon Haven could consider adopting a digital currency backed by precious metals, creating a hybrid system that combines the stability of tangible assets with the efficiency of digital transactions. This approach might offer a balance between the intrinsic value of precious metals and the benefits of digital currency.

What would the central bank of Silicon Haven be called?

AI: The central bank of Silicon Haven, responsible for issuing ByteCoin could be named “Digital Reserve Bank” (DRB), emphasizing its role in managing the digital currency and ensuring the stability of Silicon Haven’s economy.


Silver Content  1 troy oz
Fineness 9999 / 10000
Face value 100 ByteCoins
Issuing Country Silicon Haven
Mintage 9 000 pcs.
Diameter 38 mm
Thickness 2.8 mm
Relief Height 0.3 mm
Surface Finishing Proof-Like
Packaging Capsules +  Tubes


Additional information

Weight 1 oz


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AI COIN 2023

World's First Silver Coin Designed by AI

Pressburg Mint is releasing the world’s first silver coin designed by artificial intelligence, a ground-breaking product that combines the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with the cutting-edge power of artificial intelligence. The original drawing has been generated by an AI and represents the AI’s idea of what a silver coin should look like.