Pioneer Plaque 2022 | 1/10oz Gold 9999 | Proof-Like

Pioneer 10 – The first man-made object that left our solar system began its journey on March 3, 1972. It carries a gold-anodized aluminum plaque in case the spacecraft is ever found by intelligent life-forms from another planetary system. The Pioneer plaque features figures of a human male and female along with symbols designed to provide information about the origin of the spacecraft.
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Message from Earth” with our unique coin!


Gold Content (Troy oz) 1/10
Fineness (% purity) 9999 / 10000
Weight (g) 3,131
Diameter (mm) 16
Thickness (mm) 0,85
Nominal/Face value 5 000 CFA
Mintage (pcs) 3000

Additional information

Weight 0,6 oz


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