Silver Note Coinbar | 100g Silver 9999

Pressburg Mint announces its very first silver bar! This amalgamation of a banknote, a coin and a bar features a modern design and is produced with a combination of minting and laser engraving. Issued with a nominal value and a unique serial number for each bar – only 5000 pcs. available


Silver Content (g) 100
Fineness (% purity) 9999 / 10000
Nominal/Face value 5 NZD
Mintage (pcs) 10 000

Additional information

Weight 3 oz


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AI COIN 2023

World's First Silver Coin Designed by AI

Pressburg Mint is releasing the world’s first silver coin designed by artificial intelligence, a ground-breaking product that combines the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with the cutting-edge power of artificial intelligence. The original drawing has been generated by an AI and represents the AI’s idea of what a silver coin should look like.