SilverNote 2024 Coinbar | 100g Silver 9999

This amalgamation of a banknote, a coin and a bar features a modern design and is produced with a combination of traditional casting and modern laser engraving technology. Issued with a face value and a unique serial number for each bar. Includes a unique verifiable security code.


Silver Content  100 g
Fineness 9999 / 10000
Face value 5 NZD
Issuing Country Niue
Mintage 10 000 pcs.
Diameter 45 mm x 28 mm
Thickness 8.6 mm

Additional information

Weight 10 oz


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We are excited to announce we will be exhibiting at The Currency Fair in Dubai! Come and see the newest international up-and-coming bullion coin, the Maltese Cross 2024. See you there!

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